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The woman is with a romantic relationship which have Brittany S

The woman is with a romantic relationship which have Brittany S

Santana Diabla Lopez are a sheer-bloodstream witch. She first started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and you will Wizardry within the 1990 and is sorted to the Slytherin House.

Penetrate. She has become the brand new Beater of one’s Slytherin Quidditch team while the her third year. She is actually a person in New Information and you can Hudbar’s Army.

Hogwarts age (1990-current)

Santana was sorted into the Slytherin while in the their first year at Hogwarts. She’s got were able to finish the earliest number of years without much events. She already been matchmaking Brittany S. Pierce inside her fourth year.

Identity and characteristics

Santana, such as for example Quinn, could have been mostly proven to be anything off a cheerleading label. Quick to pass through view, and you can insult and even bully other people. She viewpoints her bitchy decisions once the sincerity. Santana appears to look for no hassle displaying the girl spot on the newest social ladder that’s Twelfth grade l or perhaps to become promiscuous to stay ahead.  Early in series, she serves similar to an excellent sidekick so you’re able to Quinn, following the the woman instructions and generally permitting the girl do-all brand new speaking. Which alter when Quinn is actually kicked from the Cheerios of the Sue due to being pregnant, hence while making Santana your mind cheerleader.

Santana including shows periodic signs and symptoms of kindness, constantly for the Pleasure Bar after good show or perhaps in their relationships which have Brittany. Deep off Santana was faster concieted than just she is apparently. She’s accepted one she likes staying in Happiness Bar, and this is best section of this lady day. She comes after right up so it confession with tips that when some one requires, he or she is to state that she hates they, showing one she cares much throughout the her picture. Santana has become a better individual owing to Joy, she positively acknowledges in order to disliking people about pub before joining, however now viewpoints them since the this lady equals, closest relatives, plus takes into account him or her this lady family unit members (whom the woman is highly protective away from). Today this woman is way more caring and caring with the other people, as an instance, relaxing Rachel, the girl former challenger whenever Rachel had the lady maternity frighten. Nevertheless, she will be able to get noticed since the an enthusiastic antagonist because of the lady indicate streak that is mostly demonstrated throughout the show.

The woman is extremely emotional during the peak times having absurd explanations (shedding sunbathing benefits otherwise missing new Breadstix passes), which can be usually comfortable from the Brittany. Santana gets jealous successfully, especially when it questions this lady sexual couples. She’s got displayed hostility to your Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Lauren, Artie, Rory and Sam when they’re found to be within the good relationship with Puck or Brittany. It’s very possible that she performs this while the this woman is merely alone, which is why she wants to flaunt the lady picture and reputation.

Santana is additionally considered to be pushy and you will persuasive. Including, when Brittany chosen Artie more than her she lied in order to Brittany throughout the cheat thus she and you may Brittany you certainly will always intimate. Santana tries to rating exactly what she wants using scheming, usually while making agreements who has actually leads to this lady favor, but the majority minutes it backfires. For example, In the Produced In that way, she produced a want to attract more ballots to possess Prom King detailed with: Using Karofsky’s intimately in order to blackmail him to help you getting their ‘Beard’ and you may to avoid getting an effective bully thus she might get Kurt so you’re able to register be in McKinley. But not, Kurt ended up winning the fresh top.

Santana is regarded as more perceptive character towards reveal. the woman is always discovering other people gifts just by watching. For-instance, whenever she discovered Quinn was cheat toward Sam that have Finn just by noticing the changes, quick alterations in Quinn and you will Finn’s decisions. She uses so it capacity to their virtue. With regards to friendships and you may romantic dating she takes them extremely positively. Of course, if some one tries to hurt those people she cares getting she will get very protective, advice along with dealing with Sebastian in addition to Warblers, by yourself, as he slushied Blaine resulting in Blaine having eye operations.